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        86-530-5961886 | kiriheze@yahoo.com
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          Mainda Inc.
          Tel: 86-530-5961886
          Fax: 86-530-5380886
          E-mail: kiriheze@yahoo.com
         About Us

        Mainda Inc. located in the largest base of paulownia production, processing and export - Heze , Shandong. Our company has excellent geographical location and convenient transportation. As it is close to Ridong highway, Jinan-Guangzhou highway, Beijing-Kowloon Railway and the two major international port - Qingdao, Lianyungang.Specializing in paulownia and pine furniture of research and development、production and management, it is the most scale paulownia furniture one of production enterprises interiorly. The factory covers an area of  40.000 square meters,with professional and technical personnel more than 200 people, equipped with advanced production lines and improved management processes.

        Our factory produce all kinds of furnitures, the main products include: paulownia furniture,pine furniture, furniture part, artware, paulownia jointed board,paulownia laminted wood,wall panel, floor board etc. and also could according to customer's requirment. Selected raw material of very serious, the technology keep improving, with excellent quality and perfect after-sale service to win the trust of customers.The products are exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East and other countries and regions.

        Not only paying attention to the self-development, but also paying more attention to the evironmental protection for human happiness, we continuously bring the work of environmental protection into the normal product, and seriously implement the corresponding laws, rules and demands of our country, the province and the competent authoities by greening the factory area, beautifying the environment and purifying the operation site.
        We always stick: "the quality first, the supremacy of credibility" business principle. Welcome to visit our company visit user guide, to discuss cooperation!


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        Tel: 86-530-5961886 Fax: 86-530-5380886
        Add:No.699, Caozhou Road Heze, Shandong P.R.China